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The "Beautiful Country" has always played an important role in Jewish history. From the North to the South all Italian cities hide a story to be told, of communities which flourished, disappeared and changed over time.

Key Jewish Tours is a service of Key Tre Viaggi, an italian travel agency specializing in Jewish itineraries; we have been working in the field of cultural, historical and gourmet tours for 30 years in Italy and Eastern Europe.
We organize Jewish itineraries in all the main Italian cities, where you can admire the beautiful historical and artistic aspects which are famous worldwide and the rich Jewish heritage which these cities preserve, and you can also discover the smaller centres which have a particular fascination and a rich Jewish tradition.
Our years of experience in the field of Jewish itineraries, has allowed us to develop expertise and attention to the needs of the most orthodox client.

  • The hotels we propose are always central, so that the Sabbath can always be observed and places of interest can be visited on foot.
  • For those who request it we offer a glatt-kosher service, thanks to the cooperation we have established with the local Jewish communities and the expert catering services which provide kosher food with the certification of the local rabbinate all over Italy.
  • We organize Bar/Bat mitzvah celebrations, in special locations, such as villas, gardens, or in elegant palaces in the beautiful Italian cities.
  • We organize weddings in Italy and give you the opportunity to live these special moments in a charming Italian atmosphere, according to the Jewish tradition.
  • We can organize your Passover vacation with a long stay in a beach resort, or with an interesting itinerary around the Italian art cities with kosher food ... we can give you the perfect solution.
  • We can book for you kosher cruises in the Mediterranean sea.
  • We can organize pre or post-cruise tours in all Italian cities with Shabbat programmes if you have already found your cruise.
  • If you would like to meet members of the Italian Jewish Communities or spend your Shabbat with them, we can organize the meetings for you, as dialogue is very important for us.
  • The bond of collaboration, trust and regard our agency has with the Jewish Community in Trieste enables us to visit many sites at times when they are usually closed.

For the individual client who wants to rediscover the Jewish sites in Trieste we provide an innovative, technological aid, a multimedia video guide. This has been designed so that the visitor can follow an itinerary to discover Jewish Trieste by himself. There is an audio and video medium which contains more information regarding many topics (cooking, traditions, culture) and you become immersed in an atmosphere and music from the past.

Get in touch with us and we can help you in planning your vacation.
We will organize together the itinerary which suits you best, and will let you discover fascinating sites, marvellous works of art as well as those delicious tastes of Italian cuisine which will make your trip unforgettable.

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