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Piedmont's mountain communities have much to offer the culturally curious visitor and its Jewish history will take you to so many interesting places!

Alessandria is the third largest city in Piedmont and has its own unique Jewish history which dates back to the 15th century. Asti boasts the house where the family of Isacco Artom, secretary to Prime Minister Cavour once lived. In Biella we find the tomb of Camillo Olivetti, who is buried here in the Jewish section of the cemetery in spite of his conversion to the Protestant Unitarian church in 1934. Carmagnola has what is considered one of the most beautiful synagogues in Piedmont! The Museum of light located in Casale Monferrato showcases contemporary works which celebrate Hanukkah. The small synagogue in Cherasco has a late baroque-style central Bimah, which was influenced by the arrival of French humanism. In the Cuneo synagogue there is an unexploded cannonball lodged into the wall from a siege in 1799! In the synagogue in Ivrea, The Holy Ark in what was supposed to be the winter temple, is still draped in black, in mourning for the death of Charles Albert, who decreed emancipation. In Mondovì, there is an 18th century appearance to the buildings of the original ghetto. The rural locality of Moncalvo retains traces of its Jewish center. The Saluzzo synagogue is the only synagogue in all of Italy with frescoes! See the original structure of the ghetto of Turin which included 5 courtyards linked by covered passageways and had 527 rooms in all with shops located on the ground floor. In Vercelli, the ghetto has retained its original appearance and the present synagogue can be found in the historic center in the neo-Moorish site of an earlier oratory.

These highlights and more await you during your enlightening trip to Piedmont!

Carmagnola Vercelli Vercelli

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