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A visit to Tuscany promises the best Italian gastronomical, historical, and cultural experience. Tuscan cities such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, Livorno and Pitigliano offer clues to their Jewish past and their own unique histories.
Florence offers visitors its Moorish-style synagogue and countless museums and libraries in which to explore its unique historical context.
Pisa and Livorno were two cities established by the Medici families to complement each other and offered special economic advantages to the Jewish people including never forcing them to live in ghettos.
Siena's pre-emancipation synagogue was built in 1786 and gives visitors special insight into worship during the time of the ghetto, which was in effect from 1571-1859.
Pitigliano, the quaint Tuscan city once dubbed "little Jerusalem" still offers visitors historical evidence of its Jewish past as well as shops offering kosher goods still today. A lifetime would not suffice to explore all of what Tuscany has to offer. Our Jewish itineraries serve as a frame of reference for a rich historical perspective in this famous region.

Firenze Ponte Vecchio Pisa Pending Tower Pitigliano view

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