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Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia offers visitors linguistic and cultural diversity as well as a rich Jewish heritage.
Trieste, once home to literary greats Italo Svevo and James Joyce, is known for having the largest Synagogue in Europe.
Curiously, Gorizia's Jewish sites are divided between Italy and Slovenia.
Cividale is known for being the first Longobard settlement.
An itinerary including these historical cities, whose Jewish communities have contributed greatly to the culture of the region, allows visitors to examine the true variety and richness of the region from a unique perspective.

Historical information

Gorizia and Trieste share a border with what is now Slovenia and have a common history marked by the tolerance of the Hapsburgs from their time as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from the 16th century up until 1918.
Cividale del Friuli, on the other hand, tells its own unique story as it was once part of the Venetian Republic.
It was the tolerance charter of 1771 which allowed the Jewish population of the Austro-Hungarian empire to study, own property, and practice any profession, thereby granting the community in Trieste and Gorizia more privileges than experienced in other cities of the peninsula. In 1785 the Ghettos found there were definitively abolished.
Members of the Jewish community became important members of society, held titles of high nobility and started companies which still flourish today.

Cividale Gorizia Castle Trieste Synagogue

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