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Saluzzo has some interesting and unique attributes.
The synagogue of Saluzzo has anonymous façade and can be found on the top floor of no. 29, Via dei Deportati Ebrei. Its prayer room can hold 300 worshippers and is unique in that it is the only Holy Ark in Piedmont with curved doors. The vaulted ceiling has 18th century frescoes, which are the only examples of frescoes in a synagogue in all of Italy.
The Jewish cemetery of Saluzzo is located at no. 5, Via Lagnasco.

Historical information

The first Jews arrived in Saluzzo in 1484 when they were expelled from nearby Piasco by Marchese Ludovico II. Jews here were famous for their jewelry making (including the Segre family) and for being textile merchants. In 1724, the first ghetto was established in Saluzzo, although its exact location remains unknown. The second, “nuovo” ghetto, was set up in 1795 near Cathedral Alley and Vicolo Venezia. After emancipation, lamps were set up at the ghetto entrance in honor of Charles Alberto. The Jewish landmarks here are now cared for by the community of Turin.

Saluzzo Saluzzo Saluzzo

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