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The Cuneo synagogue is in the heart of the ghetto at 18, Contrada Mondovì. Besides the beautiful Bimah and the Ark, another particularity of this space is the post-emancipation addition of a pulpit emulating Christian churches. On November 8, 1799, during a siege, a cannonball struck the wall without exploding and can still be seen lodged in the wall.
The ghetto, which spread from Contrada Mondovì to the Chiesa Pesio is now completely restored including the characteristic courtyards, passages and long internal balconies.
The modern Jewish cemetery is located in via Bassa San Sebastiano and has been in use since 1936.

Historical information

Jewish presence in Cuneo dates back to the arrival of Provençal Jews in the 15th century. Others came from Avignon where from 1308-0377 they worked in banking for the popes. In 1436 Jews in Cuneo were segregated into what later officially became a ghetto in 1723.

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