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One of the most beautiful synagogues in Piedmont is found here in Carmagnola. Under renovation for many years, the synagogue is a stunning example of the Baroque style. Decorative elements include Hebrew verses, and certain furniture, such as the benches, came from earlier synagogues. The Ashkenezi-type octagonal Bimah, with its painted wood and inlaid work, dates to 1766.
The ghetto of Carmagnola was created in 1723 and included the area of Via Bertini, via delle Cherche, Via Benso, and Via Baldessano. This "Island of Chains" as it was referred to, was chosen because it was located off the usual route of Christian processions.
The Jewish cemetery of Carmagnola is now part of the town cemetery in Via Papa Giovanni XXIII.

Historical information

Jews came to settle in Carmagnola starting in the 15th century and into the 16th. Their trade here was money-lending. The community has since died out and Jewish landmarks are now under the care of the Turin community.

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