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One of Italy's most famous tourist destinations, Venice has much to offer on a Jewish itinerary. To start, Venice was the first city to establish a ghetto, there were three here, all of which are well preserved, and the word itself comes from the Venetian dialect. Historic landmarks include the synagogue in the Ghetto Novo which was built in 1516 and is now a museum. The German rites synagogue, or the Scola Grande Tedesca from 1528 has been remodeled and is still in use. In the same building we find the Museum of Jewish art, a bookshop and a café.
The Jewish museum, synagogues and the cemetery on the Lido, which date back to 1386, may be visited on guided tours. Other synagogues include the Scola Canton from 1532 which is still intact, as is the Scola Italiana from 1575 which is decorated in the classical style. In the Ghetto Vecchio we find the Spanish rites synagogue which has been in continuous use since the 16th century, with the exception being during the war. There is also a Scola Levantine, and the Scola Luzzato which houses the oldest Aron in the ghetto.

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